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Abbaye d'Aulne

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The Abbaye d'Aulne is closed during the low season.
Stroll around ... Enjoy the scenery, the setting is magnificent all year round!

A telephone hotline is provided on working days from 10h to 12h and from 13h to 16h.
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Located in the Walloon region of Belgium, in a place known as Vallée de la Paix (Valley of Peace) by the Sambre river, the Abbey was founded by the later canonized Abbot Landelin of Crespin in 657. Founded as a Benedictine monastery, in 1147 it became a Cistercian Abbey.

The Abbaye d’Aulne alternated periods of splendour and decadence until 1794, when it was badly damaged by French revolutionary troops. In 1859 when the last monk died, the Monastery was abandoned and turned into a hospice... .

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Location of Abbaye d'Aulne

Abbaye d'Aulne
Rue Émile Vandervelde 291
6534 Thuin

+32 71 55 49 28

+32 71 59 54 53

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